Bellevue Ski School


Frequently Asked Questions

My student has no insurance. What can I do?
All registered students must have medical insurance which covers snowsports. If student does not have coverage, inexpensive insurance for the student covering school activities including Bellevue Ski School may be purchased through the school district. See the Student Medical Insurance Application Form for details.

What happens if my child is injured?
Bellevue Ski School has an excellent safety program with a dedicated staff of experienced safety volunteers. Multiple teams of safety volunteers are on hand throughout the day to assist injured or sick students.

If your child is hurt or becomes ill they should go to the Chaperone Hut where the safety staff will assess your child's condition and determine a course of action.

Members of the of the National Ski Patrol are stationed at The Summit At Snoqualmie. If your child is injured and unable to get themselves to the Chaperone Hut, the Ski Patrol will transport them to the Ski Patrol Infirmary. Our safety team will be notified and, in conjunction with the Ski Patrol, determine a course of action.

Students with minor injures are transported from the mountain by members of the safety team. You will be notified if your child is being transported from the mountain and you will be instructed to meet the transport team in the lobby of the emergency room at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue (see map). Safety drivers will remain with your child until you, or an authorized guardian, arrives to assume responsibility for the student.

At the direction of the Ski Patrol, students with more serious injures will be transported by ambulance.

IMPORTANT:Please do not allow a sick child to attend ski school. The parents of children arriving sick will be instructed to come up the mountain and pick up the child immediately. If your child is sick, please keep them at home.

What if my child forgets the season pass lift ticket?
Your child needs to let a chaperone know right away. For students with a season pass, the area will issue them a one day lift ticket. This is a one-time-only courtesy, so it is important that your child keep the pass in their ski coat at all times.

What if the bus is delayed or comes back early?
If conditions warrant an early return or cause us to be delayed coming home, you will receive either a call from your student via cell phone or a call from an automated service letting you know the time we are expected to leave the ski area as well as the estimated time of our arrival at the loading zone.

What if ski school is canceled?
Information regarding changes in our schedule or last minute cancellations will be posted on our web site and facebook pages.

What should my child bring?

  • Skis, ski boots and poles
    (please have a strap to keep the skis together) or...
  • Snowboard and snowboard boots
  • Ski and/or snowboard bags are ok, but leave them in the Bus cargo hold
  • Food: Sack lunch and a snack and/or money for lunch
  • Season pass lift ticket

What clothing should my child have?

See our Equipment page for a list of recommended gear and sources.

Should my child wear a helmet?
Helmets are generally recognized as essential safety gear for skiers and snowboarders. To help you decide if a helmet is appropriate for your child, we recommend that you visit the following website:

Where can I get more information about concussions?
One informative site is maintained by the CDC:

What if my child has a problem during the day?
For students at Snoqulamie: Instruct your child to go to the chaperone hut. Bellevue Ski School has a chaperone hut in the basement level of the main lodge on the "Holiday Lift" side of the building. The entrance is located on the outside the building, facing the street.

Our job is to be there for your child to make sure they have a fun and safe day. Please tell your children to come to the hut for any reason they feel they need to, including: when they are feeling sick, are hurt (Ski Patrol will be called), have lost a ticket, broken equipment, wet gloves, or forgot their lunch.

Can I pick my child up from the ski area?
Only if this is pre-arranged. Prior to your child boarding the bus in the morning, you must complete an Early Release Form specifying the person (21 or older) picking up the student. Early Release Forms are available every Saturday at the table in the loading area or on our website. Early Release Form can be downloaded from our forms page

Give the Early Release Form to your child’s bus chaperone. Follow instructions on form regarding time and where to meet your student. Please note that if you are late (or change your mind about the early pickup) the student will ride down the hill on the bus with us.

Person picking up student must show photo ID to the chaperone hut desk worker and sign before being allowed to leave with your child. The hut chairperson will give you your child’s ID card and you can then take your child to the bus to pick up belongings.

If a child is not checked out at least 20 minutes before the buses depart then they will ride the bus home.

PLEASE! NEVER PICK UP A CHILD WITHOUT CHECKING THEM OUT WITH THE HUT DESK! We will stay on the mountain looking for your child until we locate them or hear from you. This could result in all buses being delayed hours at MAJOR inconvenience to hundreds of parents while we needlessly search for a 'lost' child whom you removed without our knowledge.

Does my child have to ride the bus to the ski area, or can I drive my child?
Your child MUST ride the bus to the ski area. Our program requires all students to ride the bus in order to participate in classes.

What is the cost?
Click here for pricing information. Please remember that the tuition you pay the Bellevue Ski School is for the lessons and transportation ONLY! You need to purchase or rent your equipment, provide proper snow clothing (especially ski/snowboard gloves and you must also purchase a season pass (you will have access to student discounts).

Do you offer scholarships?
Unfortunately, as an all-volunteer, non-profit organization trying to keep prices as low as possible for all, we simply do not have the resources to offer discounts or scholarships.

How do I sign up to volunteer with Bellevue Ski School?
Please click here for information on volunteer opportunities

What time does my child need to be at the bus loading area?
Arrive at the bus loading area a minimum of 15 minutes before the bus is scheduled to leave. Have your child place their equipment neatly beside the bus they will ride on. Being on time, between 15 and 30 minutes before the bus is scheduled to leave helps us to load students and equipment quickly and efficiently.

Where can my child store their lunch and extra clothing during the day?
Elementary and Middle School students are permitted onto the bus during their specified lunch hour. Please note that High School buses are not open during the day. If your child would like access to their clothing, lunch etc. outside of these times, MS and HS students can rent a locker in the lodge to store belongings safely.
We also strongly recommend that you purchase the Ski and Bag Check service for MS and HS students, a $15 add-on to their season pass. This is the best way to prevent the theft of your student's equipment although you have to convince your student to actually use it!

Where do kids eat their lunch?
Elementary students are escorted by our chaperones to the school buses where they will eat their packed lunches.
The Middle School buses are open for lunch. Your child can choose to eat on the bus or in the lodge.
The High School buses are closed all day so the High School students will need to plan on eating lunch in the lodge. The Summit has space for students to eat packed lunches as well as a full service cafeteria.

What if my child wants to change classes?
On the first day of class, all students will be assessed to assure that they are placed correctly.

If your child feels that they should be in a different class, please have them discuss this with their instructor. If your child is not comfortable doing this, please have them come to the chaperone hut. We will have them talk with one of the Vice Presidents and have the situation assessed.

Is there a lost and found?
All items left on the bus the previous week are available at the loading area during the morning loading time. Ask a chaperone or someone working at the sign-in table at the loading zone.