Bellevue Ski School


Park & Pipe Program

Who Is Eligible?
Bellevue School District Middle and High School Students
6th thru 12th grade
Limited space available.

Advanced students only.
Advanced skills test required.
Helmet required.
Summit Park Pass required

About the Program
Get an introduction to Terrain Park features for snowboarders and skiers. Get the confidence to go BIG in the park.

Instructional Plan:

  • Park and Pipe Intro, riding switch, 180s
  • Straight Air and Grabs
  • 360s
  • Basics of the Half Pipe
  • More Rail Practice and Feedback
  • The Basics of the Half Pipe
  • Half Pipe Practice and Feedback
  • Varied Practice and Feedback

All classes will use the pocket park.

Required Advanced Skills Test
You must pass a proficiency test to demonstrate that you can ski or ride in control on Blue terrain. The test will be conducted in a marked corridor approximately 30 ft. wide and 300 ft. long set on Blue terrain by the Gallery Lift.

To PASS, a Park and Pipe Student will be expected to:

  • control your speed by making linked turns across the fall line
  • make linked turns in both directions (left/right, toeside/heelside)
  • stay inside the corridor from top to bottom with no falls or stops

Students will get up to 3 attempts on the course during the testing period.

Students who do NOT pass the skills test or MISS the test must switch to Recreational Skiing/Snowboarding.

Summit Park Pass
The Summit Park Pass is required for Park and Pipe students and anyone planning on using Summit Central Terrain Park. Park Passes must be renewed every year.

Download and complete the Park Pass application and pay the $5 Park Pass fee. If student is under 18, a parent’s signature is required on the Park Pass App.

Four ways to submit a completed Park Pass app:

  • Scan and Email it to –
  • E-Fax it to – 425.671.0477
  • Mail it to – Guest Services: PO Box 1068, Snoqualmie Pass, WA 98068
  • Drop it off in person at Guest Services

  • Already taken the Shreducation class? Once the completed Park Pass App and fee are received, the renewed Park Pass will be mailed out.

    If student hasn’t taken the Shreducation class yet, download the application and release, fill it out, and submit it (plus fee as above) or have the student bring it to the class. Be one step ahead!

    Shreducation Class
    Attendance at the Shreducation class is mandatory for first time Park Pass applicants regardless of skill level.The Park Pass Shreducation class happens throughout the day at the Central Park HUB located near the bottom of Central Express at Summit Central. The class consists of a short presentation to educate participants about the terrain parks and Smart Style.

    At the end of the presentation, student will receive a free temporary park pass/ticket for that day only. Once student turns in a completed Park Pass App and the $5 fee, the season-long Park Pass will be issued by Guest Services.