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Skiing is our roots at Bellevue Ski School - we've been having fun since 1958!

Whether you are interested in learning to ski, or interested in learning how to tackle that radical slope that everyone is talking about, we have you covered! Choose your age and skill level below to get a class that's best for you.



Snowboarding is taking the mountain by storm! Our name is Bellevue Ski School, but more and more of us are taking to the 'boards every year! We now have as many riders as skiers.

If you want to try this exciting sport, or you're an experienced shredder looking to master the latest moves, our experienced instructors will show you how its done.

Please note that we recommend that potential riders weigh at least 50 lbs. Lighter students may have trouble generating enough leverage to maneuver a snowboard.

Choosing A Skill Level

We use the standard PSIA skills ranking where ability is classified as NEVER-EVER, BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED.

If you skied or rode with us last year, just sign up for the level indicated on your end of season certificate.

Not sure what skill level you are? Use these guides to find out!

Skiing Skill Level Guide

Snowboarding Skill Level Guide



Elementary School (grades 2 - 5)

Middle School (grades 6 - 8)

High School (grades 9 - 12)

(Middle School/High School Only)

Beginning to experienced racers welcome!

  • Advanced students only
  • Advanced skills test required
  • Helmet required

(High School Only)

Learn what it takes to become an instructor!

  • Advanced students only
  • Advanced skills test required

(High School Only)

Safe! Fast! Affordable! Ride the StarLine coach to the Summit at Snoqualmie each Saturday. Save gas, time and money!

  • Advanced students only
  • Advanced skills test required

Classes are subject to change/cancellation due to weather or road conditions.

There are no make-ups, substitutions or refunds for any scheduled class missed by a student whether for tardiness, illness, injury or schedule conflict.

Our pricing is based on group instruction. NEVER-EVER students are expected to participate fully and advance at a nominal pace, e.g. riding the chairlift willingly and safely no later than the end of the third Saturday. Most Never-Evers achieve this milestone on the second Saturday. Consequently, absenteeism by a NEVER-EVER student for any two of the first three Saturdays is grounds for removal from the progam.
About Ullr Inc.

Ullr is a Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) member ski school and has been in full operation since 1958. Bellevue Ski School Programs are provided by Ullr and operate at The Summit at Snoqualmie on Saturdays. Learn more.